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  • 静脉药物配置中心装修:怎样保证净化车间的防火性能
    来源:http://www.moconcon.com 浏览: 发布日期:2019-10-16
      In public places, there will be equipped with perfect fire-fighting equipment. Because how the fire-fighting performance relates to the personal wealth and safety of every citizen (characteristics: privately owned), it is no exception in the field of purification engineering. The fire-fighting work is also very important in the establishment of purification engineering. It is the key to ensure the safety of the staff (explanation: an important part of metaphorical things). Let's look at it together. When shankewatt mechanical and Electrical Co., Ltd. stops the reconstruction of the purification workshop, it will make preparations from what aspects to ensure the fire resistance of the purification workshop.
      1. Clearly identify the dispersion channel.
      火灾发作时,人们的反响就是逃离现场,但是在紊乱的状况下人们很容易产生惊惶、慌张等心情,无法坚持冷静的状态。净化车间控制产品 (如硅芯片等) 所接触之大气的干净度及温湿度,使产品能在一个良好之环境空间中消费、制造。此空间的设计施工过程即可称为净化工程。中山科瓦特在设计净化车间的分散通道时会力图简捷,防止迷宫式、门中门的布置法,出入道路尽可能(maybe)笔直,且选用灯光智能(intelligence)分散标志,便于人们辨认,在火灾发作时,协助人们疾速找到逃生通道。
      When the fire broke out, people's first response was to escape from the scene, but in a disordered situation, people are prone to panic, panic and other feelings, unable to maintain a calm state. The purification workshop controls the cleanliness, temperature and humidity of the atmosphere contacted by the products (such as silicon chips), so that the products can be consumed and manufactured in a good environmental space. The design and construction process of this space can be called purification engineering. Zhongshan COWAT will try hard to be simple when designing the dispersion channel of the purification workshop, to prevent the layout method of labyrinth type and the door in the door, to make the access road as straight as possible, and to select the distribution sign of intelligent light, so as to make it easy for people to identify, and to help people quickly find the escape channel in case of fire.
      2. Fire prevention data are used in the purification workshop. Advantages of clean room: simple structure, low cost of system construction, easy expansion of clean room. In some special places, it can be used with dust-free working table to improve the level of clean room.
      The three elements of object extinguishment are combustibles, oxygen gas and temperature. In the renovation and purification workshop, the ceiling, floor and walls are decorated with high temperature resistant and non flammable materials to prevent the use of foamed plastics (structure: synthetic resins, plasticizers, stabilizers, pigments), rubber (Rubber) or other porous organic polymer materials. Such materials are flammable materials, which can not only extinguish fire during fire, but also have combustion supporting. Sex.
      3. Indoor ventilation and smoke exhaust design. At present, the highest level of dust-free workshop is the aviation warehouse of aerospace, which basically belongs to level 1 and belongs to a special category with relatively small area. In addition, the biochemical laboratory and high-precision nano materials consumption workshop have higher level requirements. The development of Internet of things chips will be a major direction of future demand.
      以上是静脉药物配置中心装修公司为大家介绍的相关内容,本文来源:http://www.moconcon.comThe above content is introduced by the decoration company of intravenous drug distribution center. The source of this article is: http://www.moconcon.com


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